Jewelry Solution
3D printing can improve the efficiency of jewelry production. At the same time, making any creative ideas come true is one of its greatest advantages, and it also lets jewelry corporations provide personal jewelry custom service for customers. And 3D printing will be sure of affecting the whole industry’s mode of operation.
Jewelry Solution 3D Printing Equipment
With the help of 3D printing technology, multiple models can be produced at the same time, which fits the design of designers perfectly. It saves the hand-making time and reduces the problems which may arise during the printing. Printed the model by 3D printer, then batch production through Lost-wax process.
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WaxJet 400
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Jewelry Solution 3D Printing Supplementary Materials
The application of 3D printing technology can effectively solve many problems during the traditional jewelry producing process, such as hard to cultivate workers, long progress, the rising cost and the low efficiency.
Complete Solution Professional Technical Service
Through training and services to take advantage of 3D printing, Flashforge can provide the latest 3D printing technology and professional knowledge. Through our global service network, we can help customers maximize 3D printing capabilities at anytime. No matter where you are, we are always ready to serve you. Flashforge owns a professional technological group, which has all kinds of DLP knowledge and technology, and is willing to respond in multiple countries/areas.
Short production cycle: the production cycle is short, and be able to print on demand at anytime.
Low cost: use additive production, need less filament.
Easy application: do not need any additional assembly, it is fully integrated.
No space limit: break through the requirements of shape, suit customers’ particular needs.
High precision: replicate designing elements accurately, print complicate details.
Local Jewelry Industry Applications
Yi Wu xiaoxiao
Yi Wu Xi Yuan
Yi Wu Bai Dong
Shen Zhen Xian Jue 3D
Mei Long Chang Yi 3D